Become a Counsellor/Therapist in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!

Become a Counsellor/Therapist in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!


Are you the type of person that loves to help those in need? Maybe you want to support people as they work towards solving issues that have been holding them back? If this resonates with you then a career as a counsellor or therapist may be the route you need to take. Find out how to do this, even if you don’t have A-Levels!


The Growing Demand for Counsellors & Therapists

As we continue to evolve and understand the impact of trauma on our lives, the need for well-qualified counsellors and therapists continues to grow. From supporting people who have experienced historical abuse and trauma to helping others work through issues that are stopping them from living a fulfilled life, counsellors and therapists are a vital part of modern society.


Many counsellors and therapists have experienced difficult times or supported loved ones as they go through hard times. Whatever your motivation, there are plenty of people out there that could benefit from your care, so why not return to education and get yourself qualified?


How an Access to HE Diploma Can Help

There is a common notion that if school did not work out for you then you are relegated to jobs you do not want for the rest of your life. This is not the truth – in fact, there are a number of opportunities available to you to help you move towards the career you want. 


An Online Access to HE Diploma works to provide you with the education and tools that you need to be able to complete undergraduate study. You will complete a range of assignments and be expected to complete them on time and to the best of your ability. Over the 8 – 12 months it takes you to complete the course, you will develop your knowledge and confidence ready for university.


The 3 Steps You Need to Take

Once you have decided that a career as a counsellor or therapist is your goal then all you need to do is complete the following three steps to achieve it:

  1. Apply for an Access to HE Diploma in a subject that you are interested in. You WILL be accepted without any qualifications, if you are over 19, have a computer and internet connection, can speak and write English to an average level, can follow your tutir's instructions.
  2. With your diploma, you can then apply for an undergraduate therapy or counselling course
  3. Once qualified, you can start work as a counsellor or therapist, helping those who need you the most.


Why Choose Us as Your Provider

Deciding who to use as your Access course provider can take time, especially when you are looking for a solution that fits your life. was designed to help anyone who wanted to return to education to do it in a way that works for them. If you have the drive, ambition and work ethic required to complete your studies from home then our team wants to hear from you. Apply as soon as you are ready or get in touch with us to discuss your options and get the advice you need. Open doors you assumed were closed by enrolling on one of our Online Access to HE Diplomas today!

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