Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Access to HE Course?

It is a one year (although can be studied part time over 2 or more years) Level 3 Diploma which prepares adult students for, and gives them the entry requirements (UCAS points) required for degree level study. This course enables those who do not yet have a relevant Level 3 qualification to go straight to university. Access To HE Diplomas are equivalent to 3 A Levels!

So, if you need a degree  to enter your new dream career then this course is the course you need to get there. 


Who can study an Access to HE Course?

To study an Access to HE Course you must: 

  • Be aged 19 or over by 31 August in the year you wish to study 
  • Be a resident in the UK
  • Be able to read, write and understand basic maths - GCSE maths and English to C or 4 grade is helpful but not essential - apply without any qualifications!

Don't worry if you haven't been in education for a long time - you are exactly who this course is designed for and our teachers are experts in helping you get back into education. 


Why can't I find you on the Government's Access to HE portal?

You can! Click then tick the distance learning check box and search for our parent company - Cambridge Online Education Ltd. Access Courses Online is a trading name of Cambridge Online Education Ltd.


Is it hard to study an Access to HE Course?

Some students find Access to HE Diplomas hard at first because many of them have not been in education for some years or do not have the confidence and study skills which make it easier. At Access Courses Online we understand this and we will teach you the study skills you need to succeed. It is our job to properly prepare you for university level study, and this we will do if you put in the effort and follow your tutor's instructions to the letter. Regardless of the level you are at when you join us, you will quickly be at the required level when you leave us so get started - browse courses.


Do I need to have GCSE English and maths?

No! You will be accepted on to your Access to HE course WITHOUT any GCSEs. Note that your intended University may require you to have GCSE English and maths or equivalent, so many Access students choose to study these with us alongside their Access to HE Diploma.


Do Access courses offer UCAS points?

Yes! Access to HE Diploma students receive between 48 and 144 UCAS points depending on their final grade profile. A PASS grade is worth 44 UCAS points, A MERIT grade is worth 96 UCAS points and a DISTINCTION  grade is worth 144 UCAS points.


How often will I have to attend?

Lessons are 1 hour per week with further 1to1 time with your tutor when needed, depending on the diploma chosen. Lesson times will be at mutually agreed times where possible - we understand that our students have jobs and families they need to attend to. All lessons are video-recorded for your convenience and you will be able to watch them back if you are unable to attend the live lesson.  You are then expected to complete the equivalent amount of time on independent study and assignments. 


How many hours per week of study?

It depends on how fast you want to complete your Access to HE Diploma course and how fast you study. 10 to 20 hours per week are usually sufficient to complete an Access to HE diploma in one year. Clearly, far fewer hours are required if you study over 2 or more years, perhaps as little as 3 hours per week over 3 years.


Is it worth studying an Access to HE Diploma Course?

If you want a well paid, rewarding, respectable, professional graduate level career then yes it is worth studying your Access to HE Diploma for a year. Most successful people in life have gone to university to obtain their profession and you will probably need to do the same. See our careers information pages and blogs or contact us via the LIVE CHAT below, to find out whether your chosen career requires a university degree. In most cases the answer will be yes, which means you will need an Access to HE course if you do not have A Levels to apply to university with.


How do I know which course is right for me?

Request a consultation where you can speak to our course leaders and careers advisors.  CLICK HERE  to arrange an appointment or speak directly to us now on our LIVE CHAT (bottom right of the screen) and we would be delighted to answer any questions you might have. Please don't put it off, you may never get this close to changing your future for the better again! Act now to secure your dream career and future happiness!


Can I just purchase my course without applying?

Yes, absolutely! If you are prepared to work hard, follow your tutor's instructions, and you know which course to purchase then go for it - there are no entry requirements apart from being over 19 years old so why not? If you are unsure about which course is right for you then contact us or chat via the LIVE CHAT below.


When should I apply?

Applications are open throughout the year but there are only limited places available so apply now! Applications remain open and you will be invited to the next induction session, which happen throughout the year.


I'm 17 can I do an access course instead of A Levels?

No. Access courses are designed for adults with life experience to contribute to their studies. Students must be over 19 to study an access course. Universities will expect students under 19 to study A Levels.


Why are your courses so much cheaper than Learn Direct?

Access Courses Online was set up by Dr. Troy Page as part of his mission to improve a million lives through education and not for profit alone. Making our courses more affordable makes this mission more attainable.


Are there any exam fees to pay?

Although there are no examinations on your access course you will have to pay the awarding body (AIM) a fee to enter you for the assessment of your coursework and sending you your qualification certificate. This is not a fee charged by us but we are required to collect it on behalf of the awarding body. Your tutor will be able to tell you how much this is as it changes each year but it's not prohibitively expensive so don't let it stop you from improving your life and your family's life.