Celebrating Literature Legends: William Shakespeare and Emily Brontë

Celebrating Literature Legends: William Shakespeare and Emily Brontë

Hey there, bookworms! This week let us raise a glass to two literary giants: William Shakespeare and Emily Brontë, whose birthdays we are celebrating. Their timeless tales continue to mesmerize and inspire us, proving the enduring magic of literature to captivate, inspire, and transform. 

At Accesscoursesonline.com we are passionate about Language and Literature and the pivotal role that these literature legends have played in shaping our modern language, moral and ethical principles and how they have forged new industries in the arts, entertainment, and education. 


Born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in history. He is celebrated for his exploration of universal themes, which remain ever relevant, as well as being a master of the English language. Some of his most famous works include Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, and King Lear. Although I am sure you did not need me to name them for you. 

Shakespeare is also credited with expanding our lexicon. Did you know he coined countless phrases that are still widely used today? This includes, but is not limited to fair play, for goodness’ sake, wild goose chase and break the ice. Can you imagine being that influential?  

Despite being one of the most famous and greatest writers ever, conspiracy theorists have questioned his legacy. They claim that the son of a glove maker should not have had the ability he did. However, this is a testament to how education can create excellence and be transformative, as he studied at King's New School.  


Born in 1818 in West Yorkshire, England, Emily was one of the famous Brontë sisters, along with Charlotte and Anne. Despite being part of a famous family, her early life was marked with tragedy. Her mother died when Brontë was only a toddler, which led her to living with her aunt in what has been called a ‘secluded’ upbringing. As if she had not suffered enough, Brontë would then lose three siblings to various illnesses. This all happened before her tenth birthday.  

However, that did not deter her and at age 29, Brontë published her debut novel: Wuthering Heights. It is celebrated for its dark themes, unconventional narrative, and complex characters. It remains a staple of English Literature curriculum worldwide and continues to resonate with readers. This is evident in the numerous adaptations that have been created, including films, plays and TV shows. I, of course, also must mention the iconic Kate Bush song.  

Brontë took the unfortunate circumstances she had grown up in and turned them into a masterpiece, which is still celebrated today. It is also important to note that publishing your debut novel at age 29 may be considered ‘late in life. However, success has no age limit, which is why our courses at Accesscoursesonline.com do have an age limit.  

In a cruel twist of fate, Brontë died only a year after Wuthering Heights was published of tuberculosis. Despite her premature death, Brontë’s life reminds us that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Additionally, she taught us, along with Shakespeare, that the circumstances of our upbringing do not bind us. You can always learn more, improve yourself and grow.  


In honoring Shakespeare and Brontë, we are reminded of the profound impact of studying Literature and Language. If you are inspired by their legacy or considering continuing education, Accesscoursesonline.com offers Level 3 courses in Language and Literature, opening doors to university and diverse career paths. 

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