Course Support and Overcoming Anxiety, with Access Courses Online Induction Tutor Luke Eames

Course Support and Overcoming Anxiety, with Access Courses Online Induction Tutor Luke Eames

Embarking on any new journey can be daunting enough but there is something even more daunting about beginning a new learning journey. The thought of learning something new can often make people feel a little apprehensive which can manifest into stresses and anxieties. Common questions; Do I have time? Am I smart enough? What if I don’t pass?... but should these niggles put a stop to the path to a new career? Absolutely not!

Here are my tips to get over adult learning anxiety:

Starting any new course requires preparation and planning, particularly if you are working full time whilst studying, giving yourself a clear timeline and study plan helps to make it more manageable. Remember though, it shouldn't take over your life so make sure you include regular time away from studies to give your brain a break.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Distance learning may feel a little isolating but it definitely is not. Although you may not physically have peers and lecturers around you, they are certainly there in the background. Any learning provider will provide you with a tutor and a tutor group who are on hand for support, at Access Courses Online in particular, we pride ourselves on our tutor support and student links. We are a family and are there to support each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for support if you hit learning barriers or even something explained in more detail - the team is there to ensure you meet your goal and remove barriers you may have to learning.

Once you have planned your studies and identified your support network the final thing you need to do is believe in yourself and your abilities. As human beings we are always learning and there is no scientific evidence that suggests younger learners achieve more than older learners. In my opinion I would say it’s the opposite as an older learner has the desire and determination to succeed as they understand the value of learning and where the end result will take them. Having confidence and believing in yourself is sometimes the hardest part but really is the key ingredient to success.

So there you have it; in my opinion, the basics to success with distance learning. If you’re thinking of starting studying or are currently studying and are stuck in a ‘rut’ I’m sure these will help set you on the right path.

Best of luck with your studies and I hope you feel empowered to do it!



Luke is a Secondary School Teacher of English and gives 1:1 support and tutoring outside of the classroom. He is experienced with SEND provisions and has led teams to support students that need additional support. We are so lucky to have Luke working with Access Courses Online; being one of the first tutors to reach out to our new starters, we just know he settles students into their studies and provides that much needed initial support for students starting out. Having been a student himself with the Open University, he understands the demands of Online Education and can ensure you do not feel alone in the process of remote study. He remains a support contact throughout your course and also takes you through your UCAS application process.

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