How to be a SCHOLAR at UCAS! Top Tips for Applying

How to be a SCHOLAR at UCAS! Top Tips for Applying


By Kingsley Jephson - Access Courses Online Support Tutor and Careers Advisor


How to be a SCHOLAR at UCAS!  


Starting a new course is already a stressful time in your life. You’ve spent so much time researching and trying to decide whether the course is the right one for you that the last thing you want to worry about is your UCAS application. So we’ve summed up the process to help you fly through your application with as little stress as possible and become a true SCHOLAR!  


S - Start your application! 

Sit down, pour yourself a hot drink and take a deep breath. Here’s where we start your application by registering with UCAS. Once you’ve completed the registration questions, you’ll be taken to the UCAS Hub and see a tab called ‘Your Application’. Click here to start your journey!  

IMPORTANT: Make sure your name(s), including any middle names, are listed exactly how they are on official documents.  


C - Complete Your Details! 

Next job is to just tell them a little bit about your circumstances. This section covers things such as funding, residency details and personal circumstances. Please ensure you answer all the questions so UCAS can really get to know you as an applicant.  


H - History!  

Now we move onto to where you’ve been. Your story so far and how it’s brought you to this point. Enter all of your educational and (paid) employment history! Make sure you enter everything from secondary school to now for your application to be complete.  

IMPORTANT: If you are still studying or awaiting grades make sure your referee (more on that later) adds your predicted grades to your application. UCAS will need to see them to process your application.  


O - Options!  

Now you need to pick your courses. You can choose up to FIVE courses. Don’t worry about what order you put them in. There’s no order of choice.  


L - Let Them Know You! 

The next step is the big one. Your personal statement. This is their opportunity to get to know YOU! It needs to be at least 1,000 characters and the limit is 4,000 characters/ 47 lines (whichever comes first).  


This is your chance to show them how brilliant an applicant you really are so make sure you focus on: 


  • [ ] What drives you? 
  • [ ] What experience do you have under your belt already? 
  • [ ] Where do you want to be in the future and how is this course going to get you there?  
  • [ ] Why are you the best candidate for this course?  


TOP TIP: The best way to write this is to write it in a Word document (or whichever software you are using) and then copy it into your application. This gives you a little bit more flexibility to review and edit it to make sure it sums you up just right! 


A - And Breathe!  

Annnnd breathe! You’ve done the hard part now so pour yourself another hot drink and take a minute for yourself to say well done! You’ve earned it!  


R - Reference! 

This is the final step and it’s an easy one for you. You’ll need a written recommendation from a teacher, professional or an advisor. This person needs to know you from an ACADEMIC background. Once you’ve got this all important reference, add it on, pay your fee and then get it all sent to UCAS.  

And that’s it! You’ve submitted your application. Remember that everyone here at Access Courses Online has also been through the UCAS process so will be on hand to help you with any questions you have but, if you've done the above, you’ve knocked it out of the park!

Now all you have to do is wait and rest assured that by following these steps you’ve already become a SCHOLAR!



Kingsley Jephson works with our students through induction and as a support contact for our students. With a background in team development and supporting SEND children and adults, Kingsley is there to support and guide students where they may get stuck, especially with their future plans. Helping with research and planning to ensure our students have their journey mapped out for their future, he is a great addition to our team to ensure whatever students need, gets done!

Currently Kingsley is planning additional support for the UCAS application process :)

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