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Become a Designer in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!


If you are someone that loves art and design then working towards a career as a designer may be the perfect option. However, if you didn’t get the qualifications you needed to go to university then achieving your goal may seem impossible. The good news is that you can become a designer without A-Levels when you enrol on our Access to HE Diploma in Art & Design!


What Does an Access to HE Diploma in Art and Design Offer?

An Online Access to HE Diploma in Art and Design gives you the qualification you need to go to university! It is a government-backed solution and supports anyone who doesn’t have the qualifications needed to get to the degree course they want to pursue.


It takes between 8 – 12 months to complete and during this time you will be expected to complete a number of assignments, follow the advice of your tutor and engage fully with each step of the course. Doing this will ensure that you get the pass you need to start your undergraduate degree. What’s even better is that when you pass, you can be certain of a guaranteed place at one of the thousands of universities across the country.


Is a Career in Design a Good Choice?

Being a designer can be an incredibly rewarding career, especially when you consider that you will be shaping what people see as modern design trends. Designers work across all kinds of mediums including art, fashion, technology and more as well as working in different industries.


With an Access to HE Diploma in Art and Design, you will be able to explore which area interests you the most and learn as much as possible before taking it further with university study. Don’t wait around for life to happen – apply today and get started!


Take These Simple Steps and Become a Designer

If you are excited by the prospect of being a designer but can’t work out how you can get from here to a career then the following steps will help you see your path:

  1. Apply and complete your Access to HE Diploma in Art and Design. You WILL be accepted without any qualifications, if you're 19 or over, have a computer and internet connection, can write and speak in English and can follow your tutor's instructions.
  2. Enrol on your chosen university course and complete your studies
  3. Start work as a designer in the field of your choice


You can see how straightforward the process is, with no hidden surprises waiting to trip you up!


Choose Us for Your Future

If you are ready to start your diploma then trusting us at is a great move. Not only do we offer a wide range of course options and give you an interest-free payment plan that helps you spread the cost, but we also offer a fully online solution. This means that all your study can be completed without the hassle of travelling, helping you to fit your first step around your life. Why don’t you submit your application today and get started on changing your future career – you won’t regret it! Apply now - limited places!

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