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Become a Forensic Scientist in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels

If you find yourself fascinated with unsolved mysteries and enjoy using science to solve problems then a career as a forensic scientist may offer you the opportunities you’ve been looking for. Don’t worry if you failed to achieve the qualifications needed to go to university as an Online Access to HE Diploma can provide you with the skills needed to take the next step. Find out more about becoming a forensic scientist without A-Levels now!


What Does a Forensic Scientist Do?

A forensic scientist is an important job and requires you to take evidence that has been collected and prepare it for criminal cases that are heard in court. This means that you could be analysing DNA, tissue or fluid samples as well as looking at handwriting and signatures for information that can tie a case together.


Other aspects of work that you will undertake include offering expert advice on things such as firearms and explodes as well as attending scenes of crime to ensure that evidence collection is done correctly to ensure the validity of evidence when used to prove a crime has taken place. To be a successful forensic scientist you will need to be able to use technology confidently as well as being a good communicator and team player. 


I Don’t Have A-Levels – How Can I be a Forensic Scientist?

If the idea of being a forensic scientist appeals to you but you don’t have the A-Levels needed to get you to university then an Online Access to HE Diploma can provide the pathway you need. An Access course is simply a course that lasts between 8 – 12 months and gives you the skills and academic grounding needed to complete an undergraduate course.


At, our government-backed courses are all led by an expert team, completely online, helping you to fit them into your life. You will need to adhere to the deadlines and advice given as well as completing all the work set to be able to pass. However, as we have a 100% pass rate, we are certain that we can help you too!


Take These 3 Steps and Become a Forensic Scientist

Stop thinking that your future career is unobtainable and follow these three steps to make it happen:

  1. Apply for an Access to HE Diploma in Science and complete the course in full. You WILL be accepted without any qualifications if you are over 19, have a computer and internet connection, can write and speak in English to an average level, can follow your tutor's instructions.
  2. Enrol on an undergraduate course in Forensic Science and learn your new trade
  3. Complete your degree and apply for a Forensic Scientist vacancy, starting your new career in style


Let Us Support You

If you are keen to undertake an Online Access to HE Diploma in Science and want to ask us any questions then we are here to help – all you need to do is contact our team of experts and discuss your queries and concerns before submitting your application. With interest-free payment plans and a team that wants you to succeed, you are closer than ever to achieving the career of your dreams!

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