Become an Accountant in 3 easy steps without qualifications

Become an Accountant in 3 easy steps without qualifications

Become an Accountant in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!


If you want to be an accountant but don’t have the qualifications you need to get your career off the ground then an Access to HE Diploma may be the answer. Many people leave school without the right GCSEs or don’t have the A-levels needed to apply to university – an Access course can help you resolve that issue without having to go back to school


What is an Access to HE Diploma?

An Online Access to HE Diploma is a course that you complete in order to get the skills, knowledge and experience required so that you can apply to university. At, we work hard to make this as accessible as possible and offer a 100% online solution that can be worked around your current commitments.


With a 100% pass rate and the option to complete your Access to HE Diploma in 8 – 12 months, your dream of being a first rate accountant can be a reality. 


What is a Career in Accountancy Like?

Being an accountant is not just working through income and expenditure, it also covers a wide range of other tasks including:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial analysis
  • Credit controller
  • Chartered accounting
  • And many more


With so many different roles and options available, you can look forward to a career that is varied and designed to suit your specific needs. Plus, you can work towards a specialist area, helping you to get promoted whenever you are ready.


Take These 3 Steps and Become an Accountant

If you are still not sure whether you can achieve what you need to become a fully fledged accountant then let’s break it down. There are just three steps that stand in between you and your career:

  1. First you need to apply for your Access to HE Diploma in Accountancy that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to go to university; you WILL be offered a place if you’re over 19, have an internet connection and computer, are able to follow instructions from your tutor and are able to write and speak English to high school level.
  2. Next, you need to find and enrol on a university course that will give you the qualifications you need to become the accountant you want to be.
  3. When your university course is coming to an end, you can start applying for accountancy jobs!


It really is that simple – the only thing that is standing in your way of achieving your goals is you!


Trust Us with Step One

The first step is always the hardest to take but when you trust, you can be certain that you have the entire team in your corner, ready to help you succeed. Our teaching staff will work with you to ensure that you get a good grasp of the knowledge you will need and help you to pass each assignment.


All you need to do is commit to submitting everything on time and ask for help when you need it. We want you to be the success you know you can be so go for it and apply today! We can’t wait to be part of your story!





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