Become an Architect in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!

Become an Architect in 3 Easy Steps – WITHOUT A-Levels!


Do you aspire to design amazing buildings? Maybe you want to help conserve important landmarks? Being an architect offers both of these opportunities and more! If you’re educational history doesn’t match up with your intended career path then an Access to HE Diploma is the solution you’ve been looking for and you don’t need any GCSEs or A-Levels to get started.


Why an Online Access to HE Diploma is the Obvious Choice

Many people leave school without the qualifications they need to pursue a career that interests them. The reasons for this are far reaching and varied but include those who didn’t enjoy school, those who had other responsibilities that needed their attention and those who could not afford to remain in education. Whatever your reason for not achieving your school qualifications, you are welcome on an Online Access to HE Diploma.


The Online Access to HE Diploma works to offer people the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to attend a university course. It’s run by professional teaching staff and comes with a clear course plan that will take you between 8 – 12 months to complete. If you’re keen to become an architect, an Access to HE Diploma is your first logical step. Best of all, because it’s online you can study your course 100% online and at times that suit your busy life!


What You Can Expect from a Career in Architecture

Architects not only design new and innovative buildings, but they work hard to keep historic buildings in great shape too. This means that whether you are interested in design, renovation, conservation and buildings then a career in architecture may be the right way forward for you.


Architects work for individuals, companies and governments to create drawings and plans that can be followed by construction teams in order to complete a project. The work is highly skilled and will require a good knowledge of maths, science and design – all skills that can be taught on your Access to HE Diploma.


Taking the First 3 Steps

If you are worried that an Access to HE Diploma will be the first in a long line of hurdles then you’d be wrong. In fact, there are just three steps between you right now and your architect future:

  1. Your application for your Online Access to HE Diploma – with this submitted, you can start to look forward to completing your Access course. You WILL be accepted on the course if you are 19 or over, have a computer and internet connection, can speak and write English to an average level and can follow your teachers instructions.
  2. Your enrolment at university – with your completed Access course you can apply to the universities that offer the course you want to study.
  3. Your career – once qualified, you can apply and accept jobs in architecture and enjoy seeing how your hard work has resulted in your success.


If these steps seem achievable to you then why not take the first one today and get your application submitted?


Apply Now and Meet Your Future

At, we take great pride in offering a course that has a 100% pass rate and provides you with a fully online learning experience that can fit in with your other commitments. We are determined to provide you with the opportunity to show what you are really made of so go for it and apply right now!



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