Career opportunities when studying art and design

Career opportunities when studying art and design

Studying art and design is fascinating and it gives the opportunity to explore the creative side. Although most people would think that the first career option is to become a freelance artist there are other career opportunities. We are going to present some below.  

Art therapy involves using art to improve a person’s well-being. Working as art therapist involves having knowledge of different art processes that could be applied to work with different people.

Art restorer is another exciting venue. An art restorer is in charge of repairing and/or preserving works of art. To that aim, the person needs a deep knowledge of art skills and different materials. An art restorer can work in museums and art centres or can be a freelancer.

If you enjoy looking at others’ work of art, curator might be a job to consider. As a curator you will have to manage collections of artefacts taking care of them and thinking carefully how they could be displayed so that they can be of interest to the public. Curators involve not only managing works of art but in many instances running education programs, working with the marketing team to ensure visibility of the collection, or managing public relationships to ensure for example acquisition of additional works of art or funding.

Digital animation is a quite popular venue and in fact, is set to grow at a rate of 4% in the next ten years. Working as a digital animator involves not only knowing how to work with computers but having a creative mindset, an eye for detail, and most importantly an excellent ability to draw.

When we think about design, there are many career opportunities ranging from graphic, furniture, or fashion design. Interior designer could be a profitable career that will involve working not only with customers but potentially with big corporations to create tailored functional and fashionable spaces. Working as an interior designer includes creating designs that respond to what the client wants. Having extensive knowledge of colour theory and design to achieve the best possible results.

These are just some possible careers that demonstrate that studying art and design can bring plenty of exciting opportunities if having the right qualifications. Creativity without knowledge will not be enough. At Online Access Courses we can ensure you get the right training to start your dream future career.

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