Choosing a Career in the Arts

Choosing a Career in the Arts

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Mr. Kieran Ingram - Fine Arts and Graphics tutor for Access Courses Online


When you think of getting a job in the arts, I’m sure a few obvious careers come to mind; fine art, photography or maybe illustration, but if your passion is art, there are many paths you can take across a lot of different industries.


Read on to find out what other possibilities are available for budding artists. Some of these jobs fall across different categories but I’ve tried to group them together as clearly as possible.


Fine Art:


Working in fine art isn’t just about being a solitary artist creating paintings and drawing or photographs and sculptures in a studio. You can also work in a private gallery that exhibits and sells art or become a curator or conservator (someone who restores and cares for artworks) at a public institution or museum.




Every magazine you read, website that you visit or advert that you come across needs to be designed by an artist, so there is always a lot of demand for people working as graphic designers, illustrators or photographers in digital and print media.


Film / TV / Video Games:


These are huge industries with lots of roles for artists. Films and games require art directors and concept artists to envision the worlds and characters before animators, prop builders, 3D artists, costume designers and make-up artists all work together to make these concepts a reality. These roles often require artists to work in big teams on really big projects, so it’s a great pathway if you enjoy collaborating with others while making art.




Every burgeoning artist needs to start somewhere, so there is always a need for art teachers and academics who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of art theory and practice with eager students. Many practicing artists also take on teaching roles (myself included!) as it can be a great way to stay engaged with other artists. It also helps inform and improve your own practice, as having to explain principles and processes to students requires a level of understanding that goes beyond your own intuition.




Design is another huge field for artists as all products need to be imagined by a creative before they can become a reality. So if you’re interested in both the aesthetics (appearance) and the practical implementation of things then these types of jobs may really appeal to you. To name just a few possible roles; industrial designers figure out the look and feel of products like phones and cars, architects plan buildings and fashion designers create clothes and accessories.


I hope you enjoyed this very brief overview of the industries you can enter with a background in visual arts. Keep an eye out for future articles that will go into more detail about particular jobs - including what they entail and how you can get them.


Access Courses Online programme in Art & Design includes multiple pathways into each of these industries. As tutors, we will be on hand to support you throughout the programme to ensure that you find your perfect future in the arts.


MR KIERAN INGRAM Access to HE Diploma Art and Design Fine Art and Graphics Tutor

Kieran is a graduate of Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy. An exhibitor and freelance artist since 2009. Multiple award winner for many prizes, including Cooper Art Prize 2021. Also a contestant on both Sky Arts landscape artist of the year 2016, and Sky Arts 'portrait artist of the year' 2018.

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