Commonly asked questions about an access course for Health Care Professionals

Commonly asked questions about an access course for Health Care Professionals



I work long hours and shifts; will I be able to manage to study alongside this?


The beauty of the courses here at Access Courses Online is that they are run flexibly to consider work and family commitments. Our current course is delivered at 7.30pm on a Wednesday evening. All sessions are recorded, and you can watch them as many times as you wish and at whatever time suits you. With our online chat, you can drop your course tutor/leader a message at any time of the day, no judgement and we’ll get back to you when we pick it up. We deliver the units within the academic year and therefore it’s spread out over certain periods with periods of rest. Tutorials take place at times that work for you.


I haven’t studied in many years; how will you support me?


The course is designed to meet the needs of all learners, for example, the current cohort needed support with referencing so there was a short video made showing how to use the referencing tool on Microsoft Word. The ethos is, we are here to facilitate and support you, if there’s a skill of area that you need help with, then ask and we’ll make you a resource that will help you or direct you to the resources that will help. Learning with purpose is so much easier than some experiences of school. Treat this as a fresh learning journey and we’ll meet you where you start on this journey.


Why this course as opposed to other access courses?


This course has been collaboratively designed and written by a team of experienced educators with more than 40 years of experience of teaching between them. Included in this team is an expert in designing online and vocational courses with many years of experience managing successful courses, a qualified health professionals who has many years of experience across a wealth of different expertise and is currently lecturing Midwifery at a UK university. The final member of the team is an experience Science educator who’s works in schools for 14+ years alongside developing international curricula from several countries. The team is passionate about supporting your every need, from understanding the content, to building your skills and resilience ready for the course. We will respond to your needs at the time and be ready to support you if you get stuck or need help moving through the units. What makes this course different from others is the bespoke tailoring of the content and resources to make sure that everyone finds a love of learning again and succeeds to their desired vocation. Live lessons, 1:1 tutorials and endless online resources and a recorded archive...what more could you need?!


If you are thinking of joining us and have any further questions then get in touch, we are ready to support your next steps.


Laura Watford

Faculty of Science

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