Meet Dana - Our Midwifery Tutor, also an Access Course Diploma Graduate!

Meet Dana - Our Midwifery Tutor, also an Access Course Diploma Graduate!

Dana Colbourne – Midwife and Teacher

midwife tutor is also an access course graduate - now supporting access courses online students who want to do the same!

Hi, my name is Dana Colbourne, and I am a registered midwife and teacher who is passionate about education, in particular working directly with students who have a vision to join healthcare or are undergoing their midwifery training. I completely understand how hard it is to take a career change and/or start again, especially when you do not have the required qualifications that are so often needed in undertaking courses at university. However, there is always a way, and with a little bit of self-belief, support and hard work dreams really can come true.

graduate midwife from access course - career change

My story is probably like some of yours, in the fact that I did not achieve the grades from my secondary school education, in fact I left school without a single GCSE! At 17 years old I joined the Royal Navy after passing an entrance test and spent a further 10 years sailing around the world, meeting incredible people, learning life skills and making fantastic memories, but something was missing, the dream! I had always dreamt of being in the medical profession and as a little girl I often dressed up as a nurse whilst caring for my dolls, but because I did not have the required GCSEs, I failed to pursue my dream until I turned 28 years old, I was scared to fail.

After seeing my best friend have her baby it reignited the passion in me to fulfil my dream but not as a nurse but as a midwife. I was truly fascinated of what I saw, how the midwife supported my friend and all the elements needed to help women birth their babies safely. It was an incredible experience, and I am for ever grateful to my friend for allowing me to be present and witnessing a truly precious moment in her and her family’s life. Now the hard part, I needed to find the courage to gain the GCSEs (English and Maths) as well as undertake an access course to higher education to hopefully win a place at university to study midwifery, it felt daunting but what did I have to lose!

In 2000 I took the plunge and joined a local college to take GCSEs and an access course, and never looked back. I absolutely loved my access course which allowed me to grow and shine. My tutors were fabulous, supportive and encouraged me to be the best I could be. I learnt about society, psychology, biology, nursing and midwifery. I made new friendships that I still have today and most of all I gained confidence and self believe that I could achieve, in which I certainly did, GCSEs in Maths and English, a distinction on my access course and a place at university to study midwifery.

training to be a midwife

Fast forward 21 years later and I am fortunate enough to still do the things I love. I currently practice clinically as a registered midwife looking after women post birth whilst supporting a student led clinic, facilitating learning in the clinical environment, as well as teaching midwifery at university. I also now have the pleasure working in partnership with the students at Access Courses Online, hopefully giving back to what I once had with my college tutors at the beginning of my journey into the midwifery profession. So, I say to you all, don’t keep waiting, seize the moment and opportunities that are around you, don’t be your own barrier and in return I/ we at Access Courses Online promise to support and enthuse you on your journey. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you.

Best Wishes


Access to HE (Midwifery)Tutor

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