Speaking and Listening - Lesson Demo For Business Students

Speaking and Listening - Lesson Demo For Business Students


Dr. Sana Rehman begins her unit on speaking and listening building confidence in her students. They are to design and deliver their own presentation by the end of the unit and everyone needs support when putting themselves out there in a speaking task.

Preparing students for university is important to us, and many of our tasks that we design match what would be faced on degree courses in their subject. For a business degree, we believe students need the skill of presenting and therefore they need the tools to overcome any anxieties they may have about giving one.

Dr. Sana Rehman is an excellent practitioner, who ensures students are confident and have a successful portfolio to step into their degree with refined skill and knowledge.

Access to HE Diploma (Business and Management) is an exciting and rewarding Diploma which will lead students into an array of careers and futures. WIth units on marketing, managing, leadership, economics and International Business, there are many pathways that this knowledge can lead to. We are here to support that journey and to ensure you have the right skills for the degree you hope to be on in 12 months


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