Access to Higher Education Courses in Science

The Importance of Access to Higher Education Courses in Science

Do you have a passion for science and want to study it at university or college, but you don't have the correct qualification? Do you need a flexible and convenient way of learning that fits your lifestyle and goals?

If so, an access to higher education science course is the perfect option.

Let's see how it can help you achieve your academic and career dreams in science.

What are Access to Higher Education courses?

Access to higher education courses are 1-year courses that enable people without the formal qualifications to enter higher education.

They are recognised and accepted by universities and colleges across the UK, helping you gain admission to various degree programmes.

Access courses are divided into units assessed through assignments, exams, or portfolios. You must complete a minimum number of credits to achieve the access diploma.

The credits are awarded at three levels: pass, merit, or distinction.

Access courses are available in different subjects and pathways, depending on your interests and aspirations. For example, if you want to study science at university or college, you can choose from access courses offered by Access Courses Online, like:

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science)

This course covers general science subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and maths. It is suitable for people who want to study a broad range of science degrees or careers.

Access to Pharmacist Diploma

This course covers specific pharmacy-related subjects, such as pharmacology, drug action, drug design, and drug delivery. It suits people who want to study pharmacy or related degrees or careers.

Are Access to Higher Education courses accredited?

It depends on which organisation you choose to study through, so be sure to check their merits.

Most access to higher education courses are accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This independent body monitors and regulates the quality and standards of higher education in the UK.

QAA sets the criteria and guidelines for access courses and ensures that they meet the requirements of universities and colleges.

Benefits of Studying Access to Higher Education in Science Online

Studying access to higher education in science online has many advantages for your personal and professional development. You can:

  • Fulfill your dream of studying science at university or college without returning to school or taking exams.
  • Improve your academic skills and confidence in preparation for higher education.
  • Explore different aspects of science and discover your strengths and interests.
  • Gain a solid scientific knowledge and understanding foundation to help you succeed in your chosen degree or career.
  • Enhance your employability and career prospects in a variety of science-related fields.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online learning that fits your lifestyle and commitments.

Job opportunities in science-related fields

Studying online access to higher education courses in science can open a wide range of job opportunities in this field.

Science is a diverse and dynamic sector that offers many rewarding and challenging careers. According to the National Careers Service, some of the science and research jobs that are in high demand in the UK are:

  • Chemical engineers design and develop chemical processes and products, such as fuels, drugs, or cosmetics.
  • Environmental scientists study and protect the natural environment, including air, water, soil, and wildlife.
  • Forensic scientists collect and analyse evidence from crime scenes, such as fingerprints, DNA, or weapons.
  • Pharmacists dispense and advise on medicines and health products.

These are just some examples of the many science career pathways you can pursue after completing your access course and degree.

Funding Options for Access to Higher Education in Science

One of the advantages of studying access to higher education in science online is that you can access various funding options to help you pay for your course.

Depending on your circumstances and eligibility, you can apply for:

Advanced Learner Loan

This government loan covers the full cost of your access course. You do not have to pay it back until you earn over a certain "threshold" amount. Your loan will be written off if you complete your access course and the follow-up degree.

Learner Support

This is a grant that helps you with the costs of studying, such as books, equipment, or childcare. You do not have to pay it back. You can apply for this if you are aged 19 or over, have a low income, or receive certain benefits.

Student Finance

This combination of loans and grants helps you with higher education costs, such as tuition fees, living costs, or travel expenses. You can apply for this once you have secured a place at university or college.

Remember to do your due diligence before applying and committing to any loan. It's important to find the right fit for you.

Why Access Courses Online?

Access Courses Online is the leading provider of online learning in access to higher education science courses.

Access Courses Online is a trading name of Cambridge Online Education Ltd, registered on the UK Government's Register of Learning Providers since 2002.

So, why do you want to enroll for an access to higher education science course with us?

We offer:

  • High-quality courses that are accredited by QAA.
  • Unlimited support from highly qualified tutors.
  • Online learning materials that are engaging and interactive to help you learn effectively and enjoyably.

Don't let anything stop you from pursuing your passion for science.

Enrol today and start your journey to a brighter future!

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