What Grade is an Access Course Equivalent

What Grade is an Access Course Equivalent To?

If you’ve set your sights on a university degree but don’t have A Levels, your best bet is to pursue an Access to Higher Education Diploma online. Some research reveals benefits to going this route, including the fact that you can access classes online. But to be confident in your decision to enrol, you want to know, “What grade is an Access Course Equivalent to?”

Access Courses Online provides Access to Higher Education Courses that get adults without A Levels on the fast track to university. Through our parent company Cambridge Online Education, we provide stepping stones that lead to careers such as architecture, nursing, law, graphic design and business. This article will discuss the equivalency of access courses.

What is the Purpose of Access Courses?

An Access to Higher Education (HE) Diploma is a qualification that allows students who may not have the traditional qualifications for university study to gain entry into university.

Access to Higher Education Courses is ideal for persons over 19 who left high school without A Levels and are desirous of pursuing an undergraduate degree. Adults who don’t have A Levels but want to make a career change with an undergraduate degree are also a target audience.

What Grade Equivalent Is An Access Course?

Access Diploma courses are equivalent to a Level 3 qualification. These courses usually take one year to complete full-time or two years part-time. This means that the work you do is generally aligned with A-Level standards.

What are the Benefits of Access Courses?

You stand a lot to gain when you pursue an Access to Higher Education Diploma online. The benefits include:

A Wide Range of Courses

Access to Higher Education courses is a gateway to many industries. You can pursue an Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science), Access to HE Diploma (Nursing), or many other sought-after courses.

They are Recognized by Universities

Some universities accept Access to Higher Education courses and have listed them among entry requirements. They’re equivalent to three A-levels worth between 44 and 148 UCAS points. In addition, many university administrations conclude that these are Level 3 qualifications that prepare students for university study.

Access courses have been around for decades, with tens of thousands of students achieving this qualification and progressing on to studying at university every year.

No Exams

With an Access to HE Diploma, you’ll be assessed on assignments instead of exams. If you dread exams, this arrangement may be a better assessment method. There’ll still be deadlines to meet, but you don’t need to demonstrate your understanding in strict exam conditions.

Access to Higher Education Courses Available Online

Are you ready to pursue your dream career? Speak with the Access Courses Online team. We offer Access to HE Diploma (Social Science) and many other courses, accredited by Open College Network West Midlands and regulated by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Call us at 01223 637029 today.

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