What is it like to study an Access Course online, from home?

What is it like to study an Access Course online, from home?

New students are welcomed to Access Courses Online with a video show around of how to use our learning platform. It shows them their first assignment, where to reach out to tutors 1:1, where to find materials, resources and videos to support them with their work... it is always very overwhelming, not only to start a new course, but to have to learn a new online system as well! So we are there every step of the way to ensure you feel at ease and on top of things as soon as you join.

Tutors are live daily to reach out should you need anything. Distance learning doesn't mean you're on your own! We have students and tutors active to show and support you - we're all in this together :)

Distnace learning is fun but you need to take an active approach to getting involved with the opportunities around the platform. Ie; Joining live lessons to feel a connection to others studying the same things, contributing to student forums and asking questions as well as offering opinions/suggestions to your peers, reaching out to tutors to request video calls if needed, taking part in wider activities such as student voice or blogging, volunteering to mentor new students once established, or connecting tutors to visitors for talks and presentations...everything and anything is possible so speak to your tutor who is actively building all of the above and they want to hear from their students!

We give lots of experiences to add to your UCAS applications and if you play an active role you will reap the benefits with CV additions, great references and overall satisfaction with your learning.

Tutors will actively reach out if you are quiet online for a time and feel you need some encouragement -  but if you ensure you're in communication every week, with whatever small progress you feel you've made, then you are keeping up the dialogue and interaction to connect with your course activity.

Access Courses Online does give students that personal touch that is not offered anywhere else. Online learning is interactive, inclusive and supportive and the whole team loves what they do and wants to ensure you experience all it has to offer :)

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