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Are Online Access Courses Recognised?

Although Access to Higher Education courses has been around for about 30 years, they are fairly new when considering the history of A Levels, which were introduced in 1951. However, they’ve gained traction and are viable alternatives to A Levels. Perhaps you’ve been considering them but need answers to commonly asked questions such as, “Are Online Access Courses recognised?”

Access Courses Online is a leading provider of Access to Higher Education courses. It is a subsidiary of Cambridge Online Education that caters to adults without A Levels who wish to enrol in an undergraduate degree. This post provides answers on whether Online Access Courses are recognised.

What are Online Access Courses?

Access to Higher Education courses (commonly referred to as Online Access Courses) enable learners to apply to study undergraduate degree programmes at universities and other higher education institutions. They lead to a diploma, a post-secondary educational qualification typically equivalent to three A-Levels.

If you are concerned about returning to school as an adult, these courses are for you. They are intended for students who have been out of school for some time or those who graduated from high school with insufficient credentials to enrol in university immediately. They are also perfect for people who don't have A Levels but want to change careers and need to matriculate to university.

You have a second chance to fulfil the entrance requirements for the university of your choice with the help of an Online Access Course. If you choose to study full-time, you can finish it in one year; if you prefer to study part-time, it will take two years.

Are Online Access Courses Recognised by Universities?

Universities widely recognise access to Higher Education courses. They are accepted as a suitable entry route into university-level courses for students who may not have achieved the traditional A-Level requirements.
In fact, many universities actively participate in the formation of the curriculum for access courses online.

While most institutions accept Online Access Courses, some do not. It is always advised that you check this first to be sure your chosen university does.

Do Employers Recognise Online Access Courses?

Employers value Access to Higher Education courses because they equip students with career-specific knowledge and skills. Educational institutions collaborate with employers to design the curriculum for these foundational courses.

Companies and employers also appreciate that educational institutions regularly revise the curriculum for Online Access Courses. This ensures that students thoroughly understand the many aspects involved in their desired field. By concentrating on the profession itself, they give you the industry-specific knowledge needed to help students become career-ready more quickly.

Access to Higher Education Courses Available Online

Access Courses Online is accredited by Open College Network West Midlands and regulated by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Many of its alums have advanced to reputable universities and now enjoy their dream careers. Among them is Alberto Gonzalez, a noted photographer and lead tutor.

Alberto experienced many setbacks but eventually realised that his passion lies in photography. These setbacks threw him off course to obtaining his A Levels. How did he qualify for university years later? Read Alberto Gonzalez’s Story to learn about his experiences and triumphs.

Just like Alberto, you, too, can meet your goal of qualifying for university. Call us at 01223 637029 if you have any questions.

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